Thursday, July 15, 2010

peacock and the buffalo

I've been losing steam on this one in terms of emotion, personally its lost its meaning for me (which is a very good thing actually). Otherwise, I'm getting more and more happy with it. I'm enjoying the pattern and the learning process that has come with trying to do something a little new. There will be several more layers on the face, more value range and more glazing. I need to figure out how the image of the buffalo will work out and I want to build up the background considerably. I also need to fix something that is a little off in the eyes. I'm officially sick of painting myself, but I may have to for a little while longer in order to follow through with some ideas that are stirring inside. I plan to incorporate more patterns in my work and more elements aside from the figure. I also plan on doing some smaller pieces for a show I have lined up in January. I may stay away from the human figure for a while with that new series. I plan to revisit painting on mylar or do some graphite and charcoal drawings. Mylar as a creative surface has been calling me for years and I'm feeling ready to take the plunge I've been envisioning. It is a surface of many possibilities in terms of light and translucency. It also is so wonderful to scratch into or wipe away from. When done right the effects can be breathtaking. It's the whole 'done right' part that is tricky.

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