Saturday, November 27, 2010

Open Studio, Busy Studio

I've been on hiatus from blogging, but fret not, I've still been painting. I've been super busy between my new "day job" teaching Bikram Yoga, coaching Crossfit, painting and getting ready for Open Studios. Scout (my studio-mate/ girlfriend) and I spent many hours making the studio look cozy and professional. I've posted some photos of the new look. Open Studios was a big event, it took lots of energy. Hundreds of people came through. I didn't make any sales but I'm hoping that it will lead to something in the future. A lot of business cards disappeared, so who knows. I'm feeling motivated to create a new body of work. I have a show lined up for January and am currently putting effort into more exhibiting opportunities. I'm dedicating time each week to the art marketing side of the things. My new teaching schedule allows me big blocks of time off mid-day during the week so I have quality time to paint and work in the studio. I know myself, I only feel creative and motivated during the day. Plus the light in through the studio windows is best then, it's so inspiring.

I'm moving in a new direction right now. I'm working on a series of work that focuses on images of  Crossfit women. Crossfit is a unique strength and conditioning program that produces amazing results. It also has a very interesting online history and culture surrounding it. I'm really interested in the images that are posted on the main website that depict these strong women performing these cross training movements. I'm interested in the display of strength and power, but am equally interested in how these images look when taken out of their original context. The compositions become strange, mysterious, interesting and start telling a new story and (hopefully) start asking new questions. I'm excited to be painting new images, new figures and am learning to embrace the unknowing that comes with working outside my comfort zone. I'm really just excited about creating a new body of work. I'm still collecting ideas for my more political and emotional work, but I'm putting them aside for the foreseeable future.

I left Colorado for art, love and adventure and it didn't disappoint (it just ended up looking a whole hell of a lot different than I planned!) I always wondered what my art would look like if I lived in a place that  had an art culture and was accepting of who I am. Now that I'm finally in that place the results are a lot different than I thought. But who knows where this will all lead, I'm just happy producing art and growing as an artist. Life is pretty sweet!

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