Thursday, April 1, 2010

a departure

I'm trying out something completely new. Might as well, change and risk is the theme these days. I started with a blue chalk-line and made the grid pattern from two points, one at each top corner. I'm a sucker for blue and orange together, but this will most likely be covered up by other layers.

I've had this weird visualization that blue lines of energy connect people, that they connect us all. It has been more of a visualization tool rather than a literal interpretation. I've wanted to express this idea for a while but hadn't figured out a way to convey it with out being overt and cheesy. I found the chalk-line at the hardware store and the visual now unfolds.

There will be figurative elements, but I don't plan to use people. It's still undecided which species will be my stand-ins. I don't see this piece fitting in my general body of work, but perhaps it will take me in yet another unexpected direction. I'm excited to see what develops. This process will take a while since I will be leaving soon. I'll be away from my studio for 9 weeks. Other life goals beckon!

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